Who we are

The Zentrum für Wissenschaft und Forschung | Medien e. V. is an interdisciplinary research association of professors, research associates, lecturers, PhD students, alumni, and students. We closely co-operate with scientific initiatives and organisations, universities as well as companies from Germany, Europe and all over the world.
Founded in 2007, the association aims to foster academic exchange and to offer a platform for media research within different sub-disciplines. Our centre is not affiliated with any political parties and we are open for any kind of co-operation and support. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

What we do

By publishing the proceedings of our first conference „Heimat und Fremde“ the association’s academic series „MedienRausch“ has been launched.

„MedienRausch“ is a series that covers a wide range of topics from the media and communication studies. It it published since 2014 by Büchner Verlag Darmstadt, while it was previously based at Martin Meidenbauer Publishing and briefly at Peter Lang Publishing (ISSN 2195-5514).

Our members may publish their research in our series MedienRausch – regardless of whether it is a monograph or a collection.

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Every two years our association organises a conference in media studies. The latest conference about Hugo Münsterberg has taken place in 2016.

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We regularly conduct research projects for various clients.

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New members are most welcome. If you want to become a member, you can apply online by filling out the application form below.

Membership is open to any adult natural person. More information about our association can be found in the articles of association (PDF).


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